Standards Are Reflected In The International Vocabulary Of Metrology Measurement Science

Maybe our disposition to dimension is conducive to Galileo who’s supposed to have said count what’s countable, measure what is measurable and, what isn’t measurable, make quantifiable. In a forthcoming paper in the journal journal Measurement, my co-authors and that I analyze the issue of measurability and that which constitutes a step, instead of an […]

Train Accident Continues Revocation Of Other Social Sciences

The preeminent journal Science announced today it is retracting a newspaper on changing attitudes towards homosexual marriage it printed with fantastic fanfare less than six months past. That is probably in part because of this intensely topical material of this newspaper, which discovered that topics in California were prone to become supportive of same-sex union […]

Focusing On STEM Risk Overrides Social Science Innovation

The top innovations make life simpler. They might be life-saving technology, health inventions or energy efficiency, all which have a wide effect. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep in mind that they are also able to be easy things that help enhance everyday life. So while the Turn bull administration’s enthusiasm for research and innovation commercialisation […]